Research Team

Our research team does research on opposing candidates, demographics, script creation, and other technical research oriented assignments.

Operations Team

Our Operations team conducts voter outreach operations through phone banking and canvassing. They also do translations for brochures, websites, and assist other departments in completing their tasks.

Data Analytics

Data analytics does campaign websites, social media, and works on the Machine Learning and data analysis aspect of our campaigns.


Our advertising team handles our outreach to voters and creates literature campaign like brochures and flyers.

Position Levels and Availability

*Associate level positions are available for all positions*

*VP of Advertising position is available*

*VP of Operations position is available*

*Associate level positions are available only to high schoolers and VP level positions are available only to College+*

To Apply:

Please send your Resume and Cover Letter to with your name and the position you are applying for on the subject line.

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