About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide high quality of work and flexibility to our clients to ensure victory for their campaigns. By integrating AI and Machine Learning into our operations we are able to provide low cost, precise, and extensive services to our clients.


Our mission to advance the campaign process started on the field. Every member of our core team has been in the leadership of major campaigns from state senate and congressional races to city council races. With first hand knowledge of the campaign process, we realized that there are key inefficiencies that occur in most campaigns that run up costs and decrease the likelyhood of victory. Our team decided that by leverage technology with our political experience we could make campaigns more cost effective and efficient in garnering support for their candidates. Thus, New Way Forward consulting was founded to make the politcal system more accessable to everyone by brining campaigns into the 21st century.

Management Team

Sathvik Kaliyur, CEO

Harsha Ramachandran, CFO, SVP of Analytics

Manit Sripadam, SVP of Research

Rohan Pandey, Senior Advisor

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